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Karobar Koi Spring News Letter 2020

It looks like coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to be with us for some time yet and to support our most desirable friends will be challenging.

So let me tell you right now, I like challenges and I can shout out loud that I am still open for business as an 'essential business' providing health care and food stuffs to fish keepers country wide.  Orders over the phone or web side mail order are still the main method of trading. However I will take you one at a time at the front door if you call when passing to pick-up essential equipment, food stuffs and medication etc., but do ring to let me know you are coming.

Kindly remember the 'Social Distancing' rules still apply.

When we get the lock down eased I will be glad to see you through my door once again.

Okay enough of that, enjoy my missive to you all, give me a call to chat about koi and food stuffs, Spring is coming and we should start to think about changing to Phoenix All Seasons food which is good with care down to about 8 degC, which is long after we stopped feeding on our favorite summer foods at around 10 deg C

First, I would like to thank you as a valued customer for your continued support over the years and trust this news letter finds your fish well and of course that you are not too bad yourself.

So lets get started, food stuff first...

Phoenix Premium All Seasons
Karobar Koi continue to ship ‘Phoenix premium  All Seasons’ koi food pellets. The pellet sizes is classified as 5mm.

Phoenix Premium All Seasons is made in the UK by a main stream pet food manufacture which quality is assured and is all important BREXIT safe. Cost too is also very important to us all and again I would like to think that Phoenix Premium is also cost safe for the foreseeable from cost changes which affect us all

A special note on cost.
Phoenix Premium All Seasons is very competitive not because we are offering a cut down specification, but because we are working with a main stream pet food manufacture based in the UK. I guarantee I will pass on any benefits and savings that can be delivered in the Phoenix Premium costs and delivery charges model. I can be no fairer than that!

Evolution Aqua
The Evolution Aqua Varipump is a variable speed pump and is a piece of understated magic. It really does take the choice of pumps to the next level and at a very reasonable price. There is no need to try and guess what pump size you need. Whatever you selected before, it was either a near miss too big or too small. The Varipump sorts this out in a flash just select what speed you want and tweek to your day is long in tuning and homing your system. The pump comes in three sizes, 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 L/Hr. The controller allows you to adjust the pump speed in 1% increments!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

You do however need to get into the right band though, a 10k pump will max out at 10k however a 30k pump will turn down to 10k how cool is that again!!!, But really for best capital spend getting into the right band is sensible even though the price is very competitive if you went for the 30k unit.

Please, I am not a techno brute who will discuss the merits of pump curves and efficiency, all I know is that this pump is a piece of understated magic. Don't delay buy and save that hard earnt cash and just watch this pump save you operational money.

We are now selling the Dracodrum range of products, they are very cost effective and simple to operate and maintain. A larger bio chamber is available now which Draco tell us will manage a 10,000 gallon pond.

 Just need to remember drums are not industrial vacumm cleaners which will sort out a forgotten or under managed pond. They will however do an excellent  job of keeping your pond sparkling clear once you have gotten all the rubbish out of the pond before hand.

House and Home
My koi include my sturgeon have taken to Phoenix Premium like a duck to water and I am sure they will try very hard to eat me out of house and home.

Chit Chat
Check out my web site for details of Phoenix Premium All Seasons which is delivered from stock and in most all cases with orders received before 12pm will be despatched the same day, 'the impossible I can do miracles take a little longer'. By all means pop-in or telephone to chat/place an order but do check out my opening times at the web site. If you telephone be ready to leave a message should I be a tad busy, I will call you back as soon as I am able.

Credit and debit cards
The shopping cart at the web site is open 24hrs daily. Please be re-assured all credit and debit cards are transacted through secure servers via WorldPay.

That’s all for now, chat when you are able.

Oh by the way nearly forgot - Swag Bag OpportunityGive me a ring to claim your free ‘swag bag’ sample of food stuff from the Phoenix Premium All Seasons Koi Foods mentioned above (01923 677734).

This offer is limited to one issue to each customer which I am sure you will understand will need to close by around the end of May 2020.

Best regards Barrie Brown Karobar Koi

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