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What is it?

Part of the SuperBugs range of products Blue Tint is;

BRF-2A TINT-IT-BLUE is comprised of a harmless blue dye.

TINT-IT-BLUE blocks ultra-violet rays from reaching the lower regions of aquatic environments, thus starving the algae of the sunlight that they thrive on.

TINT-IT-BLUE also turns your water an aesthetically pleasing shade of sky-blue while it blocks UV rays. Used in combination with BRF-1A Superbugs or Superbug.

TINT-IT-BLUE safely and effectively eliminates pea-soupy green water.

TINT-IT-BLUE is not harmful to aquatic life or swimmers.


Use 18ml per 2000litres( 500 gal. approx.) of water in your pond or lake. Distribute TINT-IT-BLUE uniformly over the surface of the water. The water colour should be a light (sky) blue after the application of BRF-2A. Do not over-dose; as an over application of BRF-2A can be harmful to submerged aquatic plants and green growth.

TINT-IT-BLUE is recommended for ornamental lakes, and is most effective in water that is deeper than 60cm. Rubber gloves are recommended in handling this product in order to avoid discolouring of hands. If hands should become stained with BRF-2A, wash in cold water and soap or scouring cleanser, followed by a little hand-cream. Not meant for human consumption

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