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An Ode to Prices
Now then, we try to keep our prices as up to date as possible, and I will always give you my best price, but there are times when not even we can always control what is going on. So, at the time of your order, we will always charge you the correct price for the goods and the delivery. If there are any problems we will give you a ring to check with you before we send out the goods and charge your card.
We can be no fairer than that, now can we.
Delivery Charges: The minimum charge varies between £3.00 and £7.75 depending upon the goods.
Delivery charge applies to UK mainland. Isle of White, Isle of Man and Channel Islands a small additional charge will be made.
All prices include   VAT
Please be re-assured credit and debit cards are managed through secure systems.
TAP Water Treatment
IDProductSizeUnitShippingPrice £CartGoto
175TAP Malachite Koi-Care 250m/s1Scale£7.66ShopTop
176TAP Malachite Koi-Care 500mls1Scale£11.75ShopTop
177TAP Malachite Koi-Care 1Ltr1Scale£19.41ShopTop
178TAP Malachite Koi-Care 1.9Ltr1Scale£30.14ShopTop
179TAP Formalin Koi-Care 250mls1Scale£7.66ShopTop
180TAP Formalin Koi-Care 500mls1Scale£11.75ShopTop
181TAP Formalin Koi-Care 1Ltr1Scale£19.41ShopTop
182TAP Formalin Koi-Care 1.9Ltr1Scale£30.14ShopTop
183TAP Acraflavine Koi-Care 250mls1Scale£7.66ShopTop
184TAP Acraflavine Koi-Care 500mls1Scale£11.75ShopTop
185TAP Acraflavine Koi-Care 1ltr1Scale£19.41ShopTop
186TAP Acraflavine Koi-Care 2.5ltr1Scale£30.14ShopTop
187TAP Dechlorinator Koi-Care 250mls1Scale£7.66ShopTop
188TAP Dechlorinator Koi-Care 500mls1Scale£11.75ShopTop
189TAP Dechlorinator Koi-Care 1ltr1Scale£19.41ShopTop
190TAP Dechlorinator Koi-Care 2.5ltr1Scale£30.14ShopTop
191TAP Anti-Foam Koi-Care 250mls1Scale£7.05ShopTop
192TAP Anti-Foam Koi-Care 500mls1Scale£10.58ShopTop
193TAP Anti-Foam Koi-Care 1ltr1Scale£17.63ShopTop
194TAP Anti-Foam Koi-Care 2.5ltr1Scale£28.20ShopTop
195NTLABS Koi-Care Acriflavin 500ml1Scale£14.50ShopTop
196NTLABS Koi-Care Acriflavin 1000ml1Scale£15.50ShopTop
197NTLABS Koi-Care Acriflavin 7 2500ml1Scale£38.50ShopTop
198NTLABS Koi-Care Chlor-Go 500ml1Scale£14.50ShopTop
199NTLABS Koi-Care Chlor-Go 1000ml1Scale£15.50ShopTop
200NTLABS Koi-Care Chlor-Go 2500ml1Scale£38.50ShopTop
201NTLABS Koi-Care Formalin 7 2500ml1Scale£38.50ShopTop
202NTLABS Koi-Care Malachite 500ml1Scale£14.50ShopTop
203NTLABS Koi-Care Malachite 1000ml1Scale£38.50ShopTop
204NTLABS Koi-Care Malachite 2500ml1Scale£38.50ShopTop