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Evolution Aqua

De-tox range - in-line tap water de-toxifiers

AS all fish keepers know, it is necessary to remove chlorine and other impurities from tap water when introducing it to a pond or aquarium. Failure to do this can result in fish health problems and it also adversely affects the growth of beneficial bacteria in all filters. The most common method of de-chlorination is to add chemical treatments to break down the chlorine.

This method is costly and can require accurate measurement of the amount of water to be treated. The De-Tox de-chlorinator simply connects in-line to a hose pipe with standard hose fittings (supplied). The De-Tox carbon filter removes the toxins in tap water prior to it coming into contact with your fish and filters.

Model max flow rate treats up to

FC - 12 Inch Filter

9 litres/min
2 UK gal/min

150,000 litres
33,000 UK gal

FC - 30 Inch Filter

9 litres/min
2 UK gal/min

350,000 litres
76,922 UK gal/min

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  • No messy cartridge changes - just unclip and replace

  • Highest grade activated carbon

  • 100% fish safe

  • Extremely high toxin removal rate

  • Simple to use - straight out of the box

  • Extremely economical - lowest cost per gallon of water treated

  • Clean and 'no hassle' water changes via hose

  • Can be used on a constant trickle feed ideal for first fills


Hi-Grade Activated Carbon Removes:

  • Chlorine

  • chloramine

  • bromine

  • malachite green

  • many dyes

  • colour e.g. humic acids

  • organics e.g. proteins

  • antibiotics

  • hormones

  • ozone

De-tox range - in-line tap water de-ionisers

Water Hardness

12” for zero TDS
Will Treat

30” for zero TDS
Will Treat

50 mg/l

1250 litres 275 UK gals

32.5 US gallons 687.4 UK gals

100 mg/l

625 litres 137.5 UK gals

1560 litres 343.15 UK gals

200 mg/l

312 litres 68.63 UK gals

781 litres  171.8 UK gals

300 mg/l

207 litres 45.54 UK gals

518 litres 113.94 UK gals

400 mg/l

155 litres  34.1 UK gals

387 litres  85.13 UK gals

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The Evolution Aqua de-ionisers purify tap water using a de-mineralising process called de-ionisation. Each filter contains special colour change mixed bed resin that removes harmful anions and cautions from tap water.

They remove 99.99% of all chemicals, minerals and metals from tap water, purifying it to zero parts per million. Purified water is produced instantly with no waste water and is safe to use immediately once your desired temperature is achieved. Ideal for new tank set-up giving a “pure-base” for you to recreate the ideal environment for your hobby fish.

Also ideal for partial water changes as pure water dilutes remaining contaminates more effectively than tap water. These filters remove calcium which means that heaters, hoods and light fittings do not become coated with hard water deposit.

Maximum recommended flow rate 1 UK gallon per minute (1.2 US gallons or 4.5 litres). Our filters are 100% recyclable, please dispose of as a plastic item.