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Fish Clinic

When things go wrong with fish you have to do something and often be quick about it! Like us humans when you see it on the out side it is sometimes too late to do anything about the inside. But all is not lost help is on hand. I will do my level best to sort things out with you. I say "with" because there is often something very wrong "with" your pond environment, which brought about the problem in the first place and you will need to do something "with" that as well! Are we "with" it then?

I stock all the goodies needed to bring back normality and resolve poor water condition, defeat bugs and nasties that sometimes can get into ponds and cause these problems.

Now then if you want my help in all of this you have to do it my way! I have strict rules about helping you.

Give me a ring to chat about the problem - don't turn-up on spec.


If I invite you along, you will need to do these things. (I very seldom turn anyone away but there are just some things I just can't handle, whales and dead fish to name but a few)


by no later than (summer hours) 9.00am Saturday or Sunday morning on the appointed day.
(I need all my "ducks" in a row to start with so I can prioritise and organise accordingly. Be warned don't be late)

(Winter Hours this is 10.00am start)


2 tubs with you with your pond water in each and 100ml minimum sample of your pond water if we are testing. Also your own air line and ball which you can plug into my system,


your two tubs down on the drive one in front of the other in an orderly line with my other clients. Fish in the front tub. (I have a my back to look after, and lifting some of your fish is a monumental task). Now you will need to take the lid off when its your turn,


and be patient don't be pushy I will see everyone and being smart gets you sent home!


when it's your turn, don't get in the way I have to move quickly and having you under my feet is a little frustrating,


intently to what I ask of you and answer the questions succinctly and accurately, your fish will tell me if you are or have missed something out or telling "porkies".

and Treatment

is often carried out on the day. At least three visits will be required so you need to get yourself organised.
You may need to create a complete quarantine pond if your problem is a big one and review the way you carriage your fish. Be sure they need TLC here. Cover the tubs up guarding from direct sun light, work hard at keeping them calm.


I need to be paid for your attendance at the clinic. I will tell you how much before hand or on the day depending on what we do. Now because we need to be smartish in managing your fish back to its normal environment (the water quality will be decaying in your tubs all the time.) be ready to pay cash, I will provide a receipt for you. If however you are buying other goods as well then we can accept credit cards in the normal way.

One other thing to help me; I travel from box to box, you will see I have a disinfectant spray which I clean my hands with so as not to cross contaminate. You will need to pick that up and squirt my hands for me when it is your turn.


You will need to have in your transport an air pump to help keep the water as fresh as possible. Something like an inverter with a normal air pump will do the job. Don't make my job any more difficult by moving your fish in poor water conditions,


bring me dead fish, I can do nothing for them. If you want to know why they died go to a vet and they will organize for you.


enter my premises with sick fish. Keep them in your car or unless directed by me.