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Need a steady Ph - Look No Further!

Cockle or Oyster Shells is the answer!

The article by David Hulse in the January edition of Koi Carp featured the need to maintain a steady Ph value and explained at length the virtues and issues surrounding the problem. All is better managed by placing cockle or oyster shells in the filter system.

The quantity of shells you need is a bit of a black art and to say you need "x" bags per 1,000 gallons/litres is a tough one. My only suggestion to you is that if you suffer big swings in the Ph range, because of your local conditions and you have had experience of a Ph crash, then you should consider using more not less than the bench mark. Similarly if you have never had a crash and your local conditions are stable then you might consider no shells at all, or at the least something less than the bench mark.

Now what is the bench mark, again there is no magic to this but would suggest and it is only a suggestion use 5 lbs per 1000 gallons or 1.25 kilos per 1000 litres approximately (tell me if I have the wrong conversion from imperial to metric)

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