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In the second phase of trials demonstrating the health benefits of using Plocher products at Karobar Koi Ltd, Hertfordshire, Plocher products have shown significant reductions in Total Viable Bacterial levels in water.

During the 2005 summer, Karobar Koi tried and verified that using Plocher Water Activator caused a reduction in nutrient levels, algal blooms and blanket weed, producing clear, balanced water.

When Karobar Koi asked UK distributor of Plocher products, Swift Nature, how customers could benefit, they stated that Plocher Fish Prep should always be used in tandem with the water balancing products: Plocher Water Activator, Plocher Sediment Reducer and Plocher Water Stabiliser.  Swift Nature explained, Plocher Fish Prep is crucial to the Plocher Programme because it not only optimises the health and welfare of koi carp, but it also improves dissolved oxygen and energy levels in the koi food.  These factors are present in food they would eat in the wild.  Also, improving dissolved oxygen levels in food leads to faeces being less anaerobic. As a result, less dissolved oxygen is required to decompose faeces, reducing pollution of water and production of ammonia so they are completely complimentary.

On 29 December 2005, Karobar Koi took a water sample from Pond 3 and sent it to Idexx Laboratories for analysis, before incorporating Plocher Fish Prep into food and using Plocher Water Activator and Plocher Sediment Reducer to improve water parameters.

Two months later, on 6 March 2006, having used all the products together, another sample was taken and sent for analysis. 

Results show a reduction of more than 50% Total Viable Bacteria from >100,000cfu/ml to 50,000cfu/ml.  In addition, a profuse growth of Aeromonas hydrophia dropped and changed strains to a moderate growth of Aeromonas sobia.


Barrie Brown of Karobar Koi Ltd said, "We are very happy with these results.  There is a big improvement in bacterial levels.  I intend to try out the products as recommended, on another of my ponds which is causing me some problems at the moment, to check that the improvement is consistent."

Charlotte Wilson of Swift Nature, sole UK distributor of Plocher products said, "Plocher products consistently reduce the incidence of anaerobic conditions which has a positive impact on the environment and the health of living organisms.  Plocher products are unrivalled in their efficacy, being approved by the EU for Organic Agriculture 2092/91 EWG, they are completely natural and ecological.  In addition, when used in natural settings they have been shown to increase bio-diversity of ponds and lakes."

For further information and to place orders, contact Barrie Brown, Karobar Koi Ltd, 62 Bucknalls Drive, Bricket Wood, Herts AL2 3XL, 01923 677734, Plocher products

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Back Ground

Karobar Koi Ltd was established in Hertfordshire 20 years ago to serve the koi enthusiast with proper unbiased advice and the full range of products to maintain healthy koi.

Plocher products are totally natural, cost-effective solutions to imbalances in water and living creatures including koi carp.  They act as a catalyst, relying on nature and natural life cycles by promoting natures ability to re-balance itself, by using energy which is readily available in the atmosphere to transfer the properties of minerals and oxygen to the treatment area via wholly natural innate carrier materials such as chalk.

Created in Germany by Roland Plocher more than 25 years ago, Plocher products have made a positive contribution to improved health and energy efficiency in people, animals, fish, plants, soils and water around the world.