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Pond Care


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Removes nitrites and organic ammonie containing compounds in water.
Starves aeromanas, pseudomonas, vibro and other pathogenic bacteria quickly.


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The clay is a valuable source of essential minerals that are required to ensure a healthy pond system. It acts as a flocculent and pulls a lot of the finer suspended solids from the water, resulting in increased clarity. Your Koi will also benefit from this mineral supplement, apparent through enhanced colouration and skin condition.


Controls Aquatic vegetation by preventing U.V. light penetrating into the lower layers of your pond. Turns pond an aesthetically pleasing sky blue.

Rapidly degrades and digests left over food, waste matter and other decaying organic matter (sludge). Prevents blue-green pea soupy water. Contains a wide variety of bacteria to effectively degrade the waste matter found in most aquatic environments. Effective in fresh or salt water. Researched and developed for over 20 years!

Nitrifying Bacteria
Controls potentially lethal Ammonia and Nitrite. Contains live Nitrosomonas species to degrade Ammonia. Contains live Nitrobacter species to degrade Nitrite.

Plotcher Products

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Used as a maintenance tool to lower many common disease problems, It protects fish from the harmful effects of handling, netting or transporting. Also contains some waste degrading bacteria.
Totally natural, using no enzymes, bacteria or other micro-organisms.