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Superbugs are designed for use in fish & shrimp ponds, lakes, and lagoons where organic odors and accumulations are a problem. SUPERBUGS contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that have been selected and produced for their ability to degrade organic matter and may also help reduce ammonia levels through a natural oxidation process.

These bacteria digest organic matter naturally and safely. When added to water, the bacteria quickly seek out a nutrient source, which puts them in direct competition with algae. Through this natural environmental process, the algae start to diminish, leaving the Pond/ Lake in clearer and healthier condition. It controls for;

  • Controls blue-green pea soupy water.

  • Helps maintain proper pH and speeds up the natural process of breaking down waste.

  • Helps eliminate offensive odours.

  • Works in fresh or salt water. Safe and beneficial for fish and plants.

  • Dissolves leftover food, waste matter, and other decaying organic matter (sludge).

  • Helps to reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) making more dissolved oxygen (DO) available for higher stocking density and increased growth rates.

  • Helps in the reduction of ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulphide, and other noxious gasses.

  • Contains a wide variety of bacteria and enzymes designed to effectively biodegrade the waste matter found in most aquatic environments.


Should be applied weekly or as required when the water temperature is at least 10 deg C and ideally over 12 deg C.

We recommend that Superbugs should be applied on a weekly basis to maintain clean healthy water conditions for your fish. After using Superbugs once weekly for 5 weeks you will notice a distinct improvement in the clarity of your ponds water and there will be less evidence of sludge build up.

As Superbugs is a biological , safe product you must use them for at least 5 weeks before making a judgment on their performance. In 1999 Eco-Formula alone successfully applied Superbugs to over 20 million gallons of water.

This is the product designed for commercial use now available to Koi keepers in the U.K. Give it a try - be amazed at what you've been missing!

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